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Filter sheets

Filterschichten von Strassburger Filter

Depth and surface filtration of liquids by using SF filter sheets made of special cellulose fibers. Particularly suitable for filtering wine, water, fruit juice and beer.

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Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter

The SF-DISC deep-bed filter modules are a closed filtration system and can be used in numerous filtration applications. Our customers use SF-DISC deep-bed filter modules reliably as wine filters, juice filters and spirits filters, for example, as well as for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and chemical products (such as solvents

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hermetischer Mehrschichtfilter von Strassburger Filter

The HERMETIX closed filtration system is designed as a plate and frame filter for the special requirements of the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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Plate and frame filters

Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter

The multi-layer filters are available in their basic version as universal filters with filter plates for the use of filter layers or as pre-coat filters including filter plates and frames.  Also available as filtration system without gaskets or closed filtration system.

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Chamber filter press

Filter presses are used in the food and beverage industry and in the chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors.

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Automatic filter presses

The new cleaning system for pharmaceutical filter presses. Available as modules are a pharmaceutical plate transport system and a washing system for efficient and hygienic cleaning of the filter elements.

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Dosing unit DOS

Dosiergerät für Filtrationsanlagen von Strassburger Filter

Ensures uniform mixing and precise dosing of the filter aid, e.g. Kiselgur.

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Cross Flow

Wein Filtrierungsanlagen

MicroCross® system for wine filtration ensures maximum preservation of the aroma, quality and characteristics of a beverage. Also suitable for the filtration of fruit juice and vinegar.

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Laboratory filters

Laboratory filters are used for pre-filtration, fine filtration and sterilization filtration in various industries. This device is available in different versions (as a single-layer filter or membrane filter).

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Desulfurization system

Entschwefelungsanlage mit Membranverfahren von Strassburger Filter

The glass desulphurization systems are particularly resistant to aggressive vapours and are easy to clean. The new membrane process removes the SO2 using a physical process.

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