Clean System chamber filter press

One system, many versions

The KFP chamber filter press and the MFP membrane filter press can be used to filter liquids containing solids, drain water from turbid material and sludge or wash filter cake. Diatomaceous earth or perlite is usually used as a filter aid, which is added to facilitate filtration.


The Clean System chamber filter press is available in the following versions:

  • with membrane plates or chamber plates (as you choose)
  • as the Clean System for a hermetically sealed and aseptic filter
Kammerfilterpresse Clean System

The Clean System chamber filter press in detail

Construction of the chamber filter press

Standard version of the Clean System chamber filter press

  • Self-supporting filter frame made of stainless steel
  • Optionally equipped with membrane plates or chamber plates made of PP
  • Complete with a peristaltic or piston pump for feeding
  • Dry-run protection and automatic electrical switching
  • Pressure compensation tank and required fittings
  • Manual or electrohydraulic contact pressing
  • For membrane plates with compressed air connection
Filter elements of the chamber filter press

Chamber plate

Plate KFP 630

Plate KFP 630 with eSan cloth


Membrane plates

                                           Membrane plate

Membrane plate with eSan cloth


We build the optimal filter press for you according to your requirements for the laboratory, technological testing, production or operation. The KFP-C type Clean System features a clean, aseptic, drip-free filter.

  • The filter plate has an O-ring edge gasket and the filter pack seals hermetically, eliminating the need for a drip pan.
  • The filter cloths are secured inside the plate; here is no need for a rubberized edge often used with push-through cloths.
  • The filter remains clean and aseptic on the outside.
  • The filter panels are manufactured in 470 x 470 m, 630 x 630 m and 800 x 800 m sizes.
  • Membrane plates save 50 percent of the time and provide a higher yield of liquid in the filter cake.
Special equipment

Turnable spacer

                     Turnable Spacer


  Illuminated sight glass and holder for
                         tasting glass

Piping on the chamber filter press with conected outlet fitting

Motor hydraulic pressure with double-acting cylinder

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