Desulfurization plants SO₂-membrane system

Entschwefelungsanlage mit Membranverfahren von Strassburger Filter

SO₂ membrane system in detail

The advantages
  • Product-friendly desulfurization at lower temperatures
  • Fast and reliable thanks to automation
  • Can also be controlled via an app from a PC or cell phone
  • Maximum safety for operators thanks to automatic lye and acid dosing
  • Customized system size to meet customer requirements
  • Can be easily and quickly expanded if required
  • Energy-saving thanks to low operating temperatures
  • Heating with steam or electricity possible
  • Compact design
  • Can be used for SO2 reduction in young wine
  • Expandable to be used for alcohol reduction
  • Innovative options for reducing the sulfur content in sparkling base wines*

* Not permitted in the EU


SO2 type membrane system Capacity per hour Membrane area
S 100 1,000 liters 140 m²
S 200 2,000 liters 280 m²
S 300 3,000 liters 420 m²
S 400 4,000 liters 560 m²
S 500 5,000 liters 700 m²
Design and construction
Entschwefelungsfilter von Strassburger Filter

The system can be heated both by steam and electricity, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The innovative system control makes it easy for the user to set the desired parameters and to operate the system quickly and efficiently. Remote control and monitoring of the SO2 system using an app for smartphones, tablets or PCs is possible.

A trend recording of the most important system parameters is included in the system's scope of delivery.

The use of the SO2 system for partial dealcoholization in wine is possible, but should be considered as an option when the system is being constructed. Customs regulations within the European Union must also be complied with.



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