Dosing unit DOS

Dosiergerät DOS 500

DOS dosing units in detail

The advantages
  • Uniform mixing of the filter aid
  • Powerful dosing pump
  • Excellent filter cake precoating
  • High filtrate performance even with difficult turbidities
Construction of the DOS 500

Mounted on a mobile frame, there is the dosing and mixing tank with a hinged tank cover and agitator featuring a gear motor as well as a continuously variable dosing pump, designed as a piston diaphragm pump featuring an upstream membrane. The agitator gear unit featuring a magnetic rotating field drive allows the vessel to be opened and filled during operation.

  • Mixing tank and all supporting/product-contacting parts in stainless steel
  • Larger units also available on request, even stationary
  • Metering pump with either a plastic or stainless steel pump head
  • For the brewery version (B): Mixing tank with additional drain, filling line in stainless steel
  • Optionally available with stainless steel head in a high-pressure version with a piston diaphragm pump
  • Larger tanks and metering pumps on request
Functionality of the DOS 500


Depending on the size of the dosing tank, the appropriate amount of diatomaceous earth (DE) is mixed with the liquid to be filtered in the stirring tank. The adjustable metering pump feeds the DE mixture into the mixing tube through which the liquid flow is led to the filter.

The setting of the dosing pump capacity depends on the turbidity level of the product to be filtered and the volume of the precoat filter.

The dosing unit is connected to the inlet between the pump and the filter (see diagram). With a high performance at the beginning of filtration, the dosing pump enables a rapid build-up of the precoat layer in the DE filter, with the filter initially being circulated. As soon as the effluent runs clear, the system switches over to the filtrate tank and the output of the dosing pump can be reduced.

Technical data
Type Filtration capacity Dosing capacity Container volume Container Dimension
DOS 500 40-80 hl/h 0-690 l/h 170 l d 630 x h 600 mm 1,310 x 780 x 1,320 mm
DOS 500l 80-180 hl/h 0-690 l/h 380 l d 700 x h 1,000 mm 1,270 x 720 x 1,220 mm


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