Hermetix 1000 P

Hermetisches Mehrschichtfilter von Strassburger Filter

The Hermetix 1000 P in Detail

Technical data
Filter plates / frames
Material Polypropylene
Filter plate Filter area 1.50 m²
Filter frame 15 mm Volume 11.3 l total / 10.1 l eff.
Filter frame 20 mm Volume 15.0 l total / 13,5 l eff.
Filter frame 25 mm Volume 18.8 l total / 16.9 l eff.
Filter frame 30 mm Volume 22.5 l total / 20.3 l eff.
Filter frame 40 mm Volume 30.0 l total / 27.0 l eff.
Bulkhead plate to reduce the plate pack size


Technical data
Operating pressure max. 6 bar
Temperature at –10°C – +65°C
CIP cleaning without filter layer max. 1 bar at 65°C


Parts in contact with product Stainless steel AISI 316 L or polypropylene
Roughness < 0,8 μm
Polypropylene < 0,8 μm
Other parts Stainless steel AISI 304
Gaskets/O-rings Silicone, EPDM, Viton, FEP coated (with FDA approval)


Hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic cylinder with mechanical lock
Pneumatic or electric operation


Inlets and outlets TC – DN 50 / 2″


Signal exchange with PLS
ATEX-compliant construction
Drip-tight filter plates without O-ring
Filtering membrane plate, CIP capable

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