Laboratory filters

The following versions are available:

  • As a single-layer filter or membrane filter
  • Laboratory filters equipped with a sludge chamber and heating jacket

Laboratory filters in detail

Design of the laboratory filters


LAB 60 and LAB 140

  • The sealing technique with a clamp lock and gasket ensures a hermetic seal to the outside. This increases the operating pressure to 10 bar.
  • Filters and filter parts are compatible. Depending on the requirements, a sheet filter can be converted into a membrane sheet filter, membrane filter, infusion filter, double filter with infusion chamber and into a combination filter.
  • Equipped with an oscillating piston pump for pumping low-viscosity media. Due to the integration of a pump and drive, the pump is extremely small and has no shaft seal.



  • this laboratory filter was developed for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, for filtration of small volumes in the laboratory or pilot scale
  • can also be used in the chemical and cosmetic industries, as well as for biotechnological applications
  • consists of two vertically arranged circular filter elements, to the left and right of a trub chamber
Technical data

All parts are made of high-quality SS 304 or SS 316L stainless steel . The support screen, membrane support, and backwater screen are also teflonized; all other surfaces are electropolished. Silicone, Viton or PTFE are used for the gaskets, as required.

Type Filter area Filter diameter Pressure maximum
Lab 60 20 cm² 60 mm 10 bar
Lab 140 130 cm² 140 mm 10 bar
Lab 220 310 cm² 222 mm 4 bar


Operating temperature: Maximum 90°C with pump, 120°C without pump
Sterilization: Autoclavable maximum 134°C 40 min

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