SF 1000 B plate and frame filter

Platten- und Rahmenfilter SF 1000 B

The SF 1000 B in detail

The advantages of the SF 1000 B
  • The SF 1000 B provides excellent filtration results and offers great flexibility due to the range of SF deep-bed filter sheets.
  • With the diverter chamber, multi-stage filtration (double filtration/combined filter) is possible without any problems
Construction of the SF 1000 B
  • The SF 1000 B has a plate size of 1,000 x 1,000 mm and a stationary cantilever filter frame on height-adjustable leveling feet.
  • The filter cover, crosshead, struts, and hydraulic cylinder are all made of high-quality solid steel, encased in stainless steel.
  • The SF 1000 B features service walks sectioned on both sides.
  • Depending on the frame length, support brackets are used to relieve the load on the struts.
  • The suspensions on the filter elements or the struts are placed lower on the operating side to make it easier to insert filter sheets and clean the system. This also helps to avoid using the wrong sides when inserting the filter plates.

Pressing device

  • The hydraulic part and electronic elements are splash-proof and integrated in a housing below the crosshead.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is structurally installed in such a manner that the loose cover is not subjected to additional weight.
  • During the filtration process, the pressure is automatically re-adjusted to the respective contact pressure.
Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter



  • Removable pipers, optionally as an inlet and outlet with an inclined piston valve, disc valve, or angle valve
  • Pressure gauge in a sterile design
  • Safety sight glasses with vents as well as drains
  • Further required fittings (vents, drains)
  • The fittings on the SF 1000 B are selected based on the highest possible level of microbiological safety during sterilization.
Operating equipment for the SF 1000 B

Electronic control

A simple push of a button sets the SF 1000 B to the desired operating state. Integration into the automation system of the filter cellar is possible at any time. An automatic pressure control is built in to adjust the pressure to the required level during each filtering process.

Special accessories

To enable complete emptying, we can equip the complete filter system with a device that empties the CO2 pressure. For diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration, a collector and conveyor device can be integrated under the filter frame to remove the DE and turbid mass.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration dosing unit

Components of a complete DE filter includes a suitable dosing unit for DE filtration with a pipeline and flow meter.

Filter elements of the 1000 B
  • Ideal flow distribution due to 4 eyes in the filter plates and filter frames for the inflow and outflow of the filtrate.
  • Optimal venting due to the position of the upper eyes a few millimeters above the sealing edge and outside the plate width.
  • Complete emptying of the filtration system is possible as the lower eyes are located below the sealing edge and plate width.
  • Sealing via universal cuff seals that can be used for all sheet thicknesses.
  • Optimum utilization of the filter surfaces and thus maximum performance of the filter sheet due to bar slit drainage.
  • The filter elements of the SF 1000 B are made of SS 304 or SS 316L stainless steel.
Multi-stage filtration


A diverter chamber in the SF 1000 B sheet filter enable consecutive double filtration (such as DE filtration and sterile filtration) in one unit.

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