SF 400 and SF 600 B plate and frame filters

Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter

The SF 400/600 B in detail

The advantages of the SF 400/600 B
  • The SF 400 B or SF 600 B provides excellent filtration results.
  • The range of different SF deep-bed filter sheets provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.
  • With the diversion chamber, multi-stage filtration is possible without any problems.
Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter für Getränke Filtration
The construction of the SF 400/600 B

Similar to a filter press, a filter pack is arranged in a rack between a “fixed lid” and a “loose lid.” Depending on the type of filtration, this filter pack can consist of filter plates or a combination of filter plates and filter frames. The filter sheets are placed between the filter elements, which are clamped together between the fixed cover and loose cover. The fixed cover is connected to the crosshead by means of connecting and traction bars. The filter pack is pressed together with the filter sheets via a pressing device integrated in the crosshead.

  • Plate formats of the sheet filters
    400 x 400 mm for SF 400B
    600 x 600 mm for SF 600B
  • The SF 400 B and SF 600 B have a cantilever filter frame including a spindle and a solid fixed press-on cover.
  • All fittings and the drip tray are made of stainless steel.
  • The sheet filters are available as a mobile version on wheels or stationary on leveling feet.
  • The standard material is SS 304 stainless steel. However, the sheet filter is also available in SS 316L stainless steel.

For counter-pressure filtration, an increased contact pressure is usually required. Available alternatives include:

  • a manual hydraulic system mounted between the spindle and the loose cover
  • a shift handwheel with an integrated planetary gear
  • or motor hydraulics for contact pressing, in an electric or pneumatic version.
Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter
Multi-stage filtration with SF 400/600 B
Doppelfiltratiosnverfahren von Strassburger Filter

With a diverter chamber or diverter plate, multi-stage filtration is possible with the SF 400/600 B sheet filters, e.g. diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration, sterile filtration, or clarifying filtration.

Filter elements of the SF 400/600 B
  • Ideal flow distribution due to 4 eyes in the filter plates and filter frames for the inflow and outflow of the filtrate.
  • Optimal venting due to the position of the upper eyes a few millimeters above the sealing edge and outside the plate width.
  • Complete emptying of the filtration system is possible as the lower eyes are located below the sealing edge and plate width.
  • Sealing via universal cuff seals that can be used for all sheet thicknesses.
  • Optimum utilization of the filter surfaces and thus maximum performance of the filter sheet due to bar slit drainage.
  • Sheet filters with a perforated plate are available as an option.
  • Material: SS 304 stainless steel, AISI SS 316L or plastic.
Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter

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