SF 400 oD and SF 600 oD plate and frame filters

Plattenrahmenfilter von Strassburger Filter

The SF 400/600 oD in detail

The advantages
  • Sealing inside the filter plates works without gaskets and only through the filter sheet.
  • The layered filter is made of high-alloy stainless steel (SS316L).
  • The SF 400/600 oD is available with a heatable filter frame.
  • ATEX certificate and TÜV

This type of filter technology is used in the chemical industry, with aggressive media or at particularly high temperatures. It is possible to include an enclosure as well as to equip the filter plates with external gaskets.

Construction of the SF 400 oD and SF 600 oD
  • Panel and frame formats 400 x 400 mm or 600 x 600 mm
  • The SF 400/600 oD has a self-supporting filter frame and a filter cover made of solid stainless steel.
  • Parts in contact with the product, such as filter plates and filter frames as well as connections, if necessary are available in stainless steel (various grades on request) and polypropylene.
  • Contact pressure via a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with mechanical locking.
  • Actuator and controls are pneumatic (explosion-proof) or electric, integrated in the crosshead
  • Flange connections on the firm cover (optionally with a complete set of fittings)
  • Inlet and outlet can be permanently installed
Filter elements of the SF 400 oD and SF 600 oD
  • Flow distribution through 4 eyes
  • Sealing via the filter layer
  • Made of stainless steel SS 316L

Sheet filter available with heating frame

The filter frames can be equipped with a heating register for products that can only be filtered in a heated state or with a temperature that must be maintained. The connections for steam or hot water are individually routed via a separate duct or hose connection on the filter frame.

Closed sheet filter with a hood

For special applications, it may be necessary to work with a closed filtration system, for example in the case of highly volatile substances.

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