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SF-DISC filter housing

Tiefenfiltermodule von Strassburger Filter

SF-DISC filter housing in detail

SF-DISC G filter housing for the filtration of beverages
  • The SF DISC G filter housing is made of stainless steel with a central spindle and baffle and has a base with inlet and outlet spigots, as well as a removable hood.
  • The closure of the hood has a quick release ring.
  • The module connections of the filter housing have a flat adapter made of silicone (double O-ring on request).
  • At the inlet and outlet, there are DN 50 connections (milk pipe).
  • Approval is carried out by a pressure test together with a manufacturer’s certificate.
SF-DISC P filter housing for the filtration of pharmaceutical and chemical applications
  • The hood of the SF-DISC P filter housing has a closure with segment clamp screws.
  • The filter housing has NW 25 - 50 connections for the inlet and outlet (tri-clamp).
  • TÜV approval takes place in accordance with dangerous goods regulations (DGR).

To meet the higher requirements of aggressive media, we offer the SF-DISC P filter housing with segment clamp screws and a pressure vessel certificate.

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