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SF 600 B sheet filter

Sheet filters in the beverage industry

The SF 400 and SF 600 B sheet filters provide excellent filtration results for juice filtration. The range of different SF deep-bed filter sheets provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.

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MicroCross system

The MicroCross system in the beverage industry

In developing the fully automatic MicroCross system for hard apple cider filtration, we have achieved the goal of ensuring the maximum possible preservation of the aroma, quality, and characteristics of the hard cider.

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SF DISC deep-bed filter module

SF DISC deep-bed filter module in the beverage industry

Module filters are used in numerous applications as a closed filtration system. Our customers use them to reliably filter beverages such as wine, juice, and spirits as well as pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics, and chemical products such as solvents.

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Clean System chamber filter press

Chamber filter presses in the beverage industry

Chamber filter presses and membrane filter presses are generally used in the food and beverage industry and used to gently filter fruit juices, for example.

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References in the beverage industry

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