Gentle filtration of noble grapes

Products for the wine industry

Clean System chamber filter press

Chamber filter presses in the wine industry

Chamber filter presses and membrane filter presses are mainly used in wine filtration to gently filters juice and wine in all stages of fermentation, for example.

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DOS dosing unit

Dosing units in the wine industry

For diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration of wine with the Clean System chamber filter press, a powerful dosing unit is needed. Our DOS 500 guarantees fast precoating, which leads to an ideal filtration result that also saves resources.

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SF 600 B sheet filter

Sheet filters in the wine industry

The classic SF 400 B and SF 600 B sheet filters provide an excellent filtration result. The range of different SF deep-bed filter sheets provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.

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MicroCross system

The MicroCross system in the wine industry

In developing the fully automatic MicroCross system for wine filtration, we have achieved the goal of ensuring the maximum possible preservation of the aroma, quality, and characteristics of the wine.

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SF DISC deep-bed filter module

The SF DISC deep-bed filter module in the wine industry

Module filters are used in numerous applications as a closed filtration system. Our customers use them to reliably filter beverages such as wine, juice, and spirits as well as pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics, and chemical products such as solvents.

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References in the wine industry



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Freyburg, Germany

Sektkellerei Rotkäppchen

Freyburg, Germany

Hessian State Winery Kloster Eberbach

Eltville, Germany

van Volxem Saarweine Großer Lagen

Wiltlingen, Germany

Vier Jahreszeiten

Bad Dürkenheim, Germany

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Westhofen, Germany

Caves de Quinsac

Quinsac, France

Erste and Neue Wine Center Kaltern

Caldaro, Italy

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San Bonifacio, Italy

Bolzano Winery

Bolzano, Italy

Nals Margreid Winery

Nalles, Italy

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Termeno, Italy

Manincor Wine Estate

Caldaro, Italy

8th Generation Vineyard

Okanagan Falls, Canada

Peele Island Winery

Ontario, Canada

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Feuersbrunn, Austria

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Langenlois, Austria

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Poysdorf, Austria

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Berghausen, Austria

Abfüllbetrieb Schaurer

Billigheim-Ingenheim, Germany


St. Martin, Germany

Badischer Winzerkeller

Breisach, Germany

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Osthofen, Germany

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Bechtheim, Germany

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Heuchelheim, Germany

Weingut Bicking

Flörsheim Dalsheim, Germany

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Les Vignobles Ruhlmann

Dambach La Ville, France

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Jugenheim, Germany

Winzergenossenschaft Auggen

Auggen, Germany

Winzergenossenschaft Baden-Baden

Neuweier, Germany

Winzergenossenschaft Bötzingen

Bötzingen, Germany

Apfelsaftkellerei Herbst

Hofbieber, Germany

Adam Trautwein

Lonsheim, Germany

Aveleda/Patrick Thompson

Penafiel, Portugal

Goldenes Rheinhessen

Bornheim, Germany

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Rüdesheim, Germany

Les Domains de vin Moselle

Remich, Luxembourg

Rheinberg Kellerei

Bingen, Germany

Weingut Trautwein

Bahlingen, Germany

Weinkellerei Ortwin Welter

Engelstadt, Germany

Wilhelm Kern

Fellbach, Germany

Winzersekt Sprendlingen

Sprendlingen, Germany


Zell a. d. Mosel, Germany

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